Pietro Rea

Milhouse icon deprecated

December 28, 2023

Between Christmas and New Years I normally update a couple of sites and servers that I maintain, including this personal blog. For this site, I update Gatsby.js and its dependencies (no major version this year), the WordPress instance that powers its headless CMS as well as its plugins.

This year, during my yearly update cycle, I also decided to leave behind my Milhouse avatar, which was this site’s favicon for many years.

“Milhouse” was a childhood nickname that I resurrected as a professional persona when I started working full time. I started to make this Simpsons character my profile picture in Slack, JIRA and other services. If you’ve ever worked with me you probably know that Milhouse = Pietro. But today I put Milhouse to rest, at least for a while, partially because I don’t wear glasses anymore, but mostly because in our remote working world I figured that having your actual photograph be your profile picture is more helpful to new hires and colleagues you’ve never met in person.

I reserve the right to bring Milhouse back in the future, although at that point it might be more fitting to come back as Milhouse’s dad.

Pietro Rea
Written by Pietro Rea, a software engineer, engineering manager and author from northern Virginia.