Pietro Rea

Regus Coworking

August 25, 2023

For four months this year (April-July), in addition to working from my home office, I also had a reserved dedicated desk at a Regus coworking space close to home.

Regus is the “original” WeWork in the flexible office space industry. After I realized that I needed some temporary office space, I toured three different locations close to me, two from Regus and one from a local coworking company. I ended up picking Regus mainly because it had the best amenities and was the closest one to my house.

I went with their “dedicated coworking desk” offering because I’m on calls most of the day and wanted to leave a monitor at the office. In this setup, you have a reserved desk in an office that you share with 1-2 other people. In practice, I had the office all by myself 90% of the time for about $300 per month.

In our post-pandemic WFH times, I expect more people to do what I did. We had a big product launch at Meadow where we had to be heads down for four to six months, and I needed a space separate from the distractions of the home that would let me dip into some “burst capacity” for a few months, so I used Meadow’s productivity budget to cover the cost of the space. I expect to use Regus again in the future but I wish there were more options I could choose from in my neck of the woods.

Pietro Rea
Written by Pietro Rea, a software engineer, engineering manager and author from northern Virginia.