Pietro Rea

Core Data by Tutorials (Fourth Edition) Now Available

October 12, 2017

I’m happy to announce that there’s a new edition of Core Data by Tutorialsavailable today, fully updated for iOS 11, Swift 4 and Xcode 9. How time flies! I still remember working on the original version of the book back in 2013 and it doesn’t seem that long ago. That’s the same year Apple announced Swift 1.0 at WWDC. It was a busy time getting up to speed on this new language and rewriting our Objective-C drafts.

Even among experienced iOS developers, Core Data is infamous for its learning curve and sharp edges. With newer options for persistence such as Realm and Firebase, I see a lot of iOS developers skip right past Core Data, ignoring the framework that ships with the SDK.

The truth is that Core Data offers a robust, free, solution that integrates nicely with all the native frameworks and tools you already use every day. No other solution integrates directly with UITableView, features a model editor built right into Xcode or plugs directly into Instruments. Plus you definitely know no one is going to acquire Core Data and shut it down. Book or no book, if you’ve never tried to use Core Data, I encourage you at least kick the tires a bit.

Many thanks to my co-authors Aaron Douglas, Saul Mora, and Matthew Morey. And special thanks to Ray Wenderlich for bringing us together and to the many editors and technical editors we’ve had throughout the years: Rich Turton, Greg Heo, Darren Ferguson, Sam Davies, Bradley Phillips, Brian Moakley and Chris Belanger.

Pietro Rea
Written by Pietro Rea, a software engineer, engineering manager and author from northern Virginia.